Poma Culta

Poma Culta was founded in 2004 to support Niklaus Bolliger in his efforts to breed new apple varieties.

As an approved non-profit organisation, Poma Culta is open to all who are interested in apples and would like to support our breeding objectives. Currently the association has around 250 Members.

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Apple Breeding

Niklaus Bolliger started selecting and crossing his first seeds in the late 90s. As a biodynamic top fruit grower, he was searching for new possibilities. He wanted to create varieties, which produced high yields, without high inputs for pest control. In other words, he was selecting for cultivars which could meet the high quality standards of the market, while simultaneously being robust and healthy.

Pollinisation by hand

Research efforts take place on a biodynamic farm in Hessigkofen (Switzerland). The field work is complemented by further breeding research programmes at the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick (Switzerland).

Additionally there are close connections with the apple breeding programmes at Agroscope Wädenswil and other breeders from surrounding countries.

Several varieties are currently being tested for viability.

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